About photovoltaic production

photovoltaic-production.com is the online version of the trade magazine photovoltaic production. Our claim is „Technology Along the Value Chain“. photovoltaic-production.com describes the production technology along the entire value chain in the production of photovoltaic solutions:

  • Starting with the wet chemical process, such as silicon preparation or the manufacture of chemicals ft hen film or organic photovoltaics and the relevant materials, to cell manufacturing and on to finished modules, including power electronics. This also includes, for example, the presentation ft he currently available equipment technology for PV processes: chemical plants and plant components, assembly lines for PV modules and automation and handling systems for manufacturing thin-film solar cells, but also inverters and electronic systems for PV production, to name just a few highlights of the contents.
  • photovoltaic production concentrates the know-how of three competent trade journals from the Hüthig Publishers, each the leader in its market segment: www.chemietechnik.de , www.productronic.de, www.elektronik-industrie.de .

Our readers are decision makers along the value chain of photovoltaic production. Both, website and trade magazine are edited by experienced editors with an engineering or science background.

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