Precisely Operated

Power Controller Clears the Way for Optimized Manufacture of Polysilicon for Solar Cells

 Silicon is a valuable commodity, particularly for the photovoltaics industry. Innovative power controllers allow the power supply to be adapted precisely to the CVD Reactor, thus paving the way for process optimization. This technology has been implemented for the first time in a new silicon factory in China. more...

Fig. 1: Polysilicon is generally manufactured from raw silicon in a chemical gas deposition process inside a CVD Reactor  (Pictures: Siemens)
The new Apollo large-area steady-state simulator facilitates new measurements on advanced products as it provides full sunlight conditions over a 2×2-m test area for up to eight hours (Image: EU)

New Research Facilities to Support Solar Technologies in the EU

Test Lab Upgrade

New facilities at the European Joint Research Centre’s European Solar Test Installation (ESTI), located in Ispra, Italy, will allow ESTI to assess the performance of new and improved photovoltaic (PV) devices, to perform pre-normative research, and to help develop international standards. more...

Juli 5, 2013

Isra Solar Vision’s Yieldmaster EL is a new cutting edge quality control tool for reliable detection of numerous kinds of defects (Image: Isra Solar Vision)

Electroluminescence Technology Increases A-Grade Yield in Solar Cell Production

Solar Cell Inspection

Offering very high repeatability and detection rates, Isra Solar Vision’s innovative high-speed in-line Solarscan Yieldmaster EL inspection systems ensure superior inspection performance, which translates into added value for PV manufacturers. more...

Dezember 17, 2012

1: Wafer Metrology Sorter System (Picture: Schmid)

Inspection and Sorting System

Wafer Inspection “On-The-Fly”

Efficiency in PV production is not only a question of efficient production but also of efficient quality inspection methods. Schmid has developed a new “on-the-fly“ final inspection and sorting system that is designed for diamond wire cut and slurry cut wafers as well as for monocrystalline, quasimono and multicrystalline wafers. more...

Mai 14, 2012


Laboratory Measuring Instrument for the Examination of Solar Wafers and Cells

Measuring Avoids Future Breakage

GP Solar GmbH of Constance, Germany introduces an optimized version of the GP Stab-Test.Pro. This laboratory measuring instrument was designed especially for the photovoltaics industry for the examination of solar wafers and cells. more...

Mai 14, 2012

The pressure switch is particularly suited for application in abrasive, aggressive, adhesive, crystalline and viscous media (Picture: Wika)

Electronic Pressure Switch

Flush Diaphragm for Critical Media

For industrial processes with “critical” media, Wika has expanded its range of electronic pressure switches by introducing the PSD-31 with flush diaphragm. The device is particularly suited for applications involving abrasive, aggressive, adhesive, crystalline, and viscous media. more...

Februar 8, 2012

Fig.1: For the industrial identification, intelligent code reading systems are available to the various users (Pictures: Siemens)

Automatic Identification Assures Greater Reliability

Traceability for Control

Photovoltaic manufacturers place high demands on the traceability of their solar modules. Intelligent identification systems ensure reliable detection of the product ID or batch number. They reduce the risk of manufacturing defects while at the same time meeting the demand of maximum possible production reliability. more...

Januar 12, 2012

GP Solar in-house developments in camera optics enable spectral defect analysis for process control of innovative solar cell concepts (Image: GP Solar)

Optical Inspection Equipment

Defect Detection

Numerous hardware and software improvements have been introduced in GP Solar’s latest Inspect Chrome product line for inline measurement. A development in camera optics enables optimized defect detection by spectral analysis of wafers, cells, and modules. more...

November 16, 2011

Picture: Brooks Instruments

Digital Capacitance Manometers

Exact Pressure Measurement in Thin-Film Applications

The CMC and XacTorr Series digital capacitance manometers from Brooks Instrument are used in vacuum applications in thin-film processes. The devices are featuring improved measurement reliability, minimized drift. more...

Oktober 3, 2011

A step against product piracy in photovoltaics and towards product safety, quality, and customer safety; Picture: Dunmore

Identification Technology I

Protecting against Copying and Imitation

In photovoltaics especially, brand manufacturers have their products undergo very sophisticated, time-intensive and expensive tests with regard to materials and safety and have them finally certification. more...

September 6, 2011

Fig. 1: Inspection of the freshly printed cells

Quality Assurance in Solar Cell Production

Optical Inspection: Quality is an Absolute Must

Maximimizing production line throughput while maintaining a consistently high quality level will help to assure a company‘s competitiveness in the solar cell manufacturing industry. Optical inspection systems play a decisive role in reaching this goal. more...

September 3, 2011

All modules of the Power 54 line will be fitted with RFID chips Picture:KPV

RFID chip Integration into the Laminate

Tracking and Tracing by RFID

RFID technology comes in the form of a small chip (RFID tag) which can be read by an RFID scanner. Future KPV modules will be fitted with an RFID chip, which is integrated into the laminate and therefore cannot be removed. more...

August 31, 2011


Organic Solar Cell Simulation

Version 3.2 of Setfos Software comes with a number of improvements and new features: more...

August 31, 2011

Inspection System

Standard Systems and Customized Solutions

With their high-resolution camera technology, Vinspecsolar systems reliably recognize defects including microcracks, inclusions, holes, corner and edge breakage, as well as grid line interruptions, paste marks, and color deviation flaws. more...

August 31, 2011

The new software generation offers active multi-core support. Apart from control, visualisation, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, and safety technology, further functions can also be integrated Picture: Beckhoff

Universal PC-Based Control Platform

Control System that Steers All Process Steps

Beckhoff offers a universal, consistent, and high-performance PC-based control platform, with optimisation potential for the entire process of photovoltaic production: from production of the wafer to that of the cell and the module. more...

August 30, 2011

Field tests have shown that, even for conventionally pretested wafers, the inspection system can reduce the breakage rate by approximately one percentage point Picture: Intego

Inspection System

Reliable Detection of Microcracks

Reliable µcrack-detection is most important in wafer, cell, and module production. The Antares system is a tool for automatic inline detection of cracks in wafers and cells. more...

August 29, 2011

Printing and Optical Inspection Solution for existing lines

Double Benefits – Less Silver, Higher Efficiency

Double Print is a new printing method which increases cell efficiency and reduces the amount of expensive silver paste used on the front side of solar cells. more...

August 29, 2011

Visionpro 3D is designed to work under real-world conditions; Picture: Cognex

Wide Range of Vision and Robotic Applications Software

Accurate, Real-Time, 3D Position Information

Cognex offers the addition of 3D vision in the new release of Visionpro. The software delivers accurate, real-time, three-dimensional position information to automate challenging assembly verification, logistics, and robot applications. more...

August 28, 2011

Setup of the ion chromatographic device (Pictures: Metrohm)

Simultaneous determination of mineral acids, fluoride, and silicate in etching baths

Dual Detection by Ion Chromatography

The ion chromatographic method presented here is used for the simultaneous determination of HF, HNO3, H2SO4, short-chain organic acids, and H2SiF6 in acidic texturing baths that are used in the wet chemical etching process of solar cell production. more...

August 25, 2011

The system fulfils guidelines for usage in clean room class 100 according to Federal Standard 209E and is compliant with CE specifications - Picture: Mechatronic

Wafer Handling

With Contact-free Eccentricity Detection

The Taiko Ring Remover TRR200/300 permits fully automated removal of laser-cut rings from laminated 200 mm (8″) and 300 mm (12″) wafers. more...

Juli 22, 2011

Reference photovoltaic cells are developed in collaboration with AIST - Picture: Konica Minolta Sensing

Reference System

Checks on Performance

Efforts to improve the performance and characteristics of solar cells through the development of new types, such as tandem solar cells, necessitate evaluation of each product under standard test conditions. more...

Juli 20, 2011

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